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List of Publications -2006

718. Aravindhan V, Narayanan S, Gautham N, Prasad V, Kannan P, Jacobs WR Jr, Narayanan PR. T-h-2 immunity and CD3 + CD45RB low -activated T cells in mice immunized with recombinant bacillus Calmette-Guerin expressing HIV-1 principal neutralizing determinant epitope. FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol 2006; 47:45-55.

719. Babu S, Blauvelt CP, Kumaraswami V, Nutman TB. Regulatory networks induced by live parasites impair both Th1 and Th2 pathways in patent lymphatic filariasis: implications for parasite persistence. J Immunol 2006;176:3248-3256.

720. Babu S, Blauvelt CP, Kumaraswami V, Nutman TB. Cutting edge: Diminished T cell TLR expression and function modulates the immune response in human filarial infection. J Immunol 2006;176:3885-3889.

721. Balasubramanian R, Rajeswari R, Bhaskar Rao DV, Jaggarajamma K, Gopi PG, Chandrasekaran V, Narayanan PR. A rural public-private partnership model in tuberculosis control in south India. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2006;10:1380-1385.

722. Chandrasekaran K, Arivarignan G. Disease mapping using mixture distribution. Indian J Med Res 2006;123:788-798.

723. Gagneux S, DeRiemer K, Van T, Kato-Maeda M, de Jong BC, Narayanan S, Nicol M, Niemann S, Kremer K, Gutierrez MC, Hilty M, Hopewell PC, Small PM. Variable host-pathogen compatibility in Mycobacterium tuberculosis . Proc Natl Acad Sci 2006;103:2869-2873.

724. Gopi PG, Chandrasekaran V, Subramani R, Santha T, Thomas A, Selvakumar N, Narayanan PR. Association of conversion & cure with initial smear grading among new smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients treated with Category I regimen. Indian J Med Res 2006;123:807-814.

725. Gopi PG, Subramani R, Kolappan C, Prasad VV, Narayanan PR. Estimation of annual risk of tuberculosis infection among children irrespective of BCG scar in the south zone of India. Indian J Tuber 2006;53:7-11.

726. Gopi PG, Subramani R, Sadacharam K, Narayanan PR. Yield of pulmonary tuberculosis cases by employing two screening methods in a community survey. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2006;10:343-345.

727. Gopi PG, Subramani R, Narayanan PR. Trend in the prevalence of TB infection and ARTI after implementation of a DOTS programme in south India. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2006;10:346-348.

728. Gopi PG, Subramani R, Nataraj T, Narayanan PR. Impact of BCG vaccination on tuberculin surveys to estimate the annual risk of tuberculosis infection in south India. Indian J Med Res 2006;124:71-76.

729. Gopi PG, Subramani R, Santha T, Kumaran PP, Kumaraswami V, Narayanan PR. Relationship of ARTI to incidence and prevalence of tuberculosis in a district of south India. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2006;10:115-117.

730. Gopi PG, Subramani R, Santha T, Radhakrishnan S, Chandrasekaran V, Rajeswari R, Balasubramanian R, Thomas A, Muniyandi M, Narayanan PR . Performance of a DOTS programme: Administrative and technical challenges - a field report from a district in south India. Indian J Tuber 2006;53:123-134.

731. Gutierrez MC, Ahmed N, Willery E, Narayanan S, Hasnain SE, Chauhan DS, Katoch VM, Vincent V, Locht C, Supply P. Predominance of ancestral lineages of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in India. Emeg Infect Dis 2006;12:1367-1374.

732. Hatfull GF, Pedulla ML, Jacobs-Sera D, Cichon PM, Foley A, Ford ME, Gonda RM, Houtz JM, Hryckowian AJ, Kelchner VA, Namburi S, Pajcini KV, Popovich MG, Schleicher DT, Simanek BZ, Smith AL, Zdanowicz GM, Kumar V, Peebles CL, Jacobs WR Jr, Lawrence JG, Hendrix RW. Exploring the mycobacteriophage metaproteome: phage genomics as an educational platform. PLoS Genetics 2006;2:835-847.

733. Kumar AK, Ramachandran G, Kumar P, Kumaraswami V, Swaminathan S. Can urine lamivudine be used to monitor antiretroviral treatment adherence? eJIAS 2006;8:53-62.

734. Jaggarajamma K, Muniyandi M, Chandrasekaran V, Sudha G, Thomas A, Gopi PG, Santha T . Is migration a factor leading to default under RNTCP? Indian J Tuber 2006;53:33-36.

735. Vadivel J, Gunasundari A. Practice-based teaching model for community health tuberculosis. Nurses of India 2006:6-8.

736. Joseph P, Chandrasekaran V, Thomas A, Gopi PG, Rajeswari R, Balasubramanian R, Subramani R, Selvakumar N, Santha T. Influence of drug susceptibility on treatment outcome and susceptibility profile of 'failures' to category II regimen. Indian J Tuber 2006;53:141-148.

737. Kolappan C, Subramani R, Karunakaran K, Narayanan PR. Mortality of tuberculosis patients in Chennai, India. Bull World Health Organ 2006;84:555-560.

738. Kumar AK, Ramachandran G, Saradha B, Narendran G, Swaminathan S. Urine nevirapine as a predictor of antiretroviral adherence. Indian J Med Res 2006;123:565-568.

739. Lipner EM, Gopi PG, Subramani R, Kolappan C, Sadacharam K, Kumaran P, Prevots DR, Narayanan PR, Nutman TB, Kumaraswami V. Coincident filarial, intestinal helminth, and mycobacterial infection: helminths fail to influence tuberculin reactivity, but BCG influences hookworm prevalence. Am J Trop Med Hyg 2006;74:841-847.

740. Muniyandi M, Rajeswari R, Balasubramanian R. Estimating provider cost for treating patients with tuberculosis under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP). Indian J Tuber 2006;53:12-17.

741. Muniyandi M, Rajeswari R, Balasubramanian R, Narayanan PR. Socio-economic dimensions of tuberculosis control : Review of studies over two decades from Tuberculosis Research Centre. J Comm Dis 2006;38:204-215.

742. Muniyandi M, Ramachandran R, Balasubramanian R. An economic commentary on the occurrence and control of HIV/AIDS in developing countries: special reference to India. Expert Opin Pharmacother 2006;7:2447-2454.

743. Narendran G, Swaminathan S, Sathish S, Rajasekaran S. Immune reconstitution syndrome in a child with TB and HIV. Indian J Pediatr 2006;73:627-629.

744. Rajeswari DN, Selvaraj P, Jawahar MS, Adhilakshmi AR, Vidyarani M, Narayanan PR. Elevated percentage of perforin positive cells in active pulmonary tuberculosis. Indian J Med Res 2006;123:687-690.

745. Rajeswari DN, Selvaraj P, Jawahar MS, Alagarasu K, Raghavan S, Narayanan PR. Influence of HLA-DR antigens on macrophage phagocytosls with live Mycobacterium tuberculosis in pulmonary tuberculosis. 57 th TB Seal Campaign, 2006, by The Tuberculosis Association of India, 2006;1-9.

746. Padmapriyadarsini C, Chandrabose J, Victor L, Hanna LE, Arunkumar N, Swaminathan S. Hepatitis B or hepatitis C co-infection in individuals infected with human immunodeficiency virus and effect of anti-tuberculosis drugs on liver function. J Postgrad Med 2006;52:92-96.

747. Paramasivan CN. Molecular methods in the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Indian J Tuber 2006;53:61-63. **

748. Paramasivan CN, Narang P, Dakshayani G, Chandrasekaran V, Venkataraman P. Evaluation of bacteriological diagnosis of smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis under programme conditions in three districts in the context of DOTS implementation in India. Indian J Tuber 2006;53:196-200.

749. Radhakrishna S, Frieden TR, Subramani R, Narayanan PR. Value of dual testing for identifying tuberculous infection. Tuberculosis 2006;86:47-53.

750. Raja A, Ranganathan UD, Ramalingam B. Clinical value of specific detection of immune complex-bound antibodies in pulmonary tuberculosis. Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis 2006;56:281-287.

751. Rajavelu P, Madhumathi J, Das SD. Humoral immune responses of normals and tuberculosis patients to multiple sonicate antigens prepared from the most prevalent strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis harbouring single copy of IS6110 from south India. Curr Sci 2006;91:918-922.

752. Rajendran AJ, Pandurangi UM, Mullasari AS, Gomathy S, Rao KV, Vijayan VK. High intensity exercise training programme following cardiac transplant. Indian J Chest Dis Allied Sci 2006;48:271-273.

753. Ramachandran G, Hemanthkumar AK, Rajasekaran S, Padmapriyadarsini C, Narendran G, Sukumar B, Sathishnarayan S, Raja K, Kumaraswami V, Swaminathan S. Increasing nevirapine dose can overcome reduced bioavailability due to rifampicin coadministration. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 2006;42:36-41.

754. Ramachandran G, Kumar AK, Kumaraswami V, Swaminathan S. A simple and rapid liquid chromatography method for simultaneous determination of zidovudine and nevirapine in plasma. J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci 2006;843:339-344.

755. Ramachandran G, Kumar AK, Swaminathan S, Venkatesan P, Kumaraswami V, Greenblatt DJ. Simple and rapid liquid chromatography method for determination of efavirenz in plasma. J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci 2006;835:131-135.

756. Ramachandran R, Jaggarajamma K, Muniyandi M, Balasubramanian R. Identifying effective communication channels in a rural community : a field report from south India. Indian J Tuber 2006;53:206-211.

757. Santha T, Subramani R, Gopi PG, Chandrasekaran V, Narayanan PR. Status of bacillary tuberculosis cases identified in a community survey under different control programmes. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2006;10:466-468.

758. Santha T, Thomas A, Chandrasekaran V, Selvakumar N, Gopi PG, Subramani R, Rajeswari R, Rani B, Paramasivan CN, Perumal M, Wares F, Narayanan PR. Initial drug susceptibility profile of M. tuberculosis among patients under TB programme in south India. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2006;10:52-57.

759. Selvakumar N, Gomathi Sekar M, Kumar V, Bhaskar Rao DV, Rahman F, Narayanan PR. Sensitivity of Ziehl-Neelsen method for centrifuged deposit smears of sputum samples transported in cetyl-pyridinium chloride. Indian J Med Res 2006;124:439-442.

760. Selvakumar N, Kumar V, Sivagamasundari S, Narayanan PR. Contamination of stored sputum AFB smears with environmental mycobacteria. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2006;10:1299-1301.

761. Selvakumar N, Ravikumar D, Sivagamasundari S, Gopi PG, Narayanan PR. A novel method of staining acid-fast bacilli in sputum containers. Indian J Med Res 2006;123:776-780.

762. Selvaraj P, Jawahar MS, Rajeswari DN, Alagarasu K, Vidyarani M, Narayanan PR. Role of mannose binding lectin gene variants on its protein levels and macrophage phagocytosis with live Mycobacterium tuberculosis in pulmonary tuberculosis. FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol 2006;46:433-437.

763. Selvaraj P, Prabhu Anand SP, Jawahar MS, Chandra G, Banurekha B, Narayanan PR. Promoter polymorphism of IL-8 gene and IL-8 production in pulmonary tuberculosis. Curr Sci 2006;90:952-954.

764. Selvaraj P, Swaminathan S, Alagarasu K, Raghavan S, Narendran G, Narayanan PR. Association of Human Leucocyte Antigen-A11 with resistance and B40 and DR2 with susceptibility to HIV-1 infection in south India. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 2006;43:497-499. **

765. Sharma D, Bose A, Shakila H, Das TK, Tyagi JS, Ramanathan VD. Expression of mycobacterial cell division protein, FtsZ, and dormancy proteins, DevR and Acr, within lung granulomas throughout guinea pig infection. FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol 2006;48:329-336.

766. Srimathi S, Jayaraman G, Narayanan PR. Improved thermodynamic stability of subtilisin Carlsberg by covalent modification. Enzyme Microb Tech 2006;39:301-307.

767. Sriram K, Somasundaram PR, Parthasarathy R, Chandrasekaran V. A reliable and simple method for identifying at start patients with tuberculosis of the spine suitable for ambulatory chemotherapy. Indian J Ortho 2006;40:160-163.

768. Sulochana S, Paramasivan CN. Susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains to Gatifloxacin and Moxifloxacin by different methods. Chemother 2006;52:190-195.

769. Swaminathan S, Luetkemeyer A, Srikantiah P, Lin R, Charlebois E, Havlir DV. Antiretroviral therapy and TB. Trop Doct 2006;36:73-79.

770. Thomas A, Chandrasekaran V, Santha T, Gopi PG, Subramani R, Narayanan PR. Sputum examination at 2-months into continuation phase - How much does it contribute to define treatment outcome? Indian J Tuber 2006;53:37-39.

771. Thomas A, Gopi PG, Santha T, Jaggarajamma K, Charles N, Prabhakaran E, Narayanan PR. Course of action taken by smear negative chest symptomatics: a report from a rural area in south India. Indian J Tuber 2006;53:4-6.

772. Ti T, Lwin T, Mar TT, Maung W, Noe P, Htun A, Kluge HH, Wright A, Aziz MA, Paramasivan CN. National anti-tuberculosis drug resistance survey, 2002, in Myanmar. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis 2006;10:1111-1116.

773. Tuberculosis Research Centre. Influence of sex, age & nontuberculous infection at intake on the efficacy of BCG: re-analysis of 15-year data from a double-blind randomized control trial in south India. Indian J Med Res 2006;123:119-124.

774. Umapathy KC, Begum R, Ravichandran G, Rahman F, Paramasivan CN, Ramanathan VD. Comprehensive findings on clinical, bacteriological, histopathological and therapeutic aspects of cutaneous tuberculosis. Trop Med Int Health 2006;11:1521-1528.

775. Venkatesan P. A comprehensive back-calculation framework for estimation and prediction of HIV/AIDS in India. J Commun Dis 2006;38:40-56.

776. Venkatesan P, Anitha S. Application of a radical basis function neural network for diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. Curr Sci 2006;91:1195-1199.

777. Vidyarani M, Selvaraj P, Prabhu Anand S, Jawahar MS, Adhilakshmi AR, Narayanan PR. Interferon gamma (IFN g ) and interleukin-4 (IL-4) gene variants and cytokine levels in pulmonary tuberculosis. Indian J Med Res 2006;124:403-410.

778. Vijayalakshmi K, Thangaraj K, Rajender S, Vettriselvi V, Venkatesan P, Shroff S, Vishwanathan KN, Paul SFD. GGN repeat length and GGN/CAG haplotype variations in the androgen receptor gene and prostate cancer risk in south Indian men. J Hum Genet 2006;51:998-1005.

779. Kubendiran G, Paramasivan CN, Sulochana S, Mitchison DA. Moxifloxacin and Gatifloxacin in an acid model of persistent Mycobacterium tuberculosis . J Chemother 2006;18:617-623.

780. Suhadev M, Nyamathi AM, Swaminathan S, Venkatesan P, Raja Sakthivel M, Shenbagavalli R, Suresh A, Fahey JL. A pilot study on willingness to participate in future preventive HIV vaccine trials. Indian J Med Res 2006;124;631-640.

781. Thiruvalluvan E, Shenbagavalli R, Mohana M. Health seeking for STI/RTI is it detrimental to effective HIV prevention effort? SAARC J Tuberc Lung Dis. HIV/AIDS.2006;3:56-59.

782. Weiss, M.G.; Auer, C.; Somma, D.B.; Abouihia, A.; Kemp, J.; Jawahar, M.S.; Karim, F.; Arias, N.L. Gender and tuberculosis: Cross-site analysis and implications of a multi-country study in Bangladesh, India, Malawi, and Colombia. Social, Economic and Behavioural (SEB) Research. Report series No. 3. This monograph is an outcome of TDR projects. UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/WHO-on behalf of the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases 2006; 1-100. **



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