Assessment of training on culture and drug sensitivity testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis at a National Reference Laboratory.


Radhakrishnan, R.; Prabuseenivasan, S.; Balaji, S.; Sangamithirai, D.; Nagarajan, P.; Ponnuraja, C.; Uma Devi, K.R.; Kumar, V.; Selvakumar, N .


Mycobacterial Diseases; 2018; 8(3): 1-4.


Abstract: Background: Information on assessment and reporting of knowledge of trainees on solid culture and drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis after attending training program is not available in India.


Objective: To assess pre and post-test knowledge of trainees attending culture and drug susceptibility testing training programme in solid culture method


Methods: A total of 131 trainees in 26 batches were given a questionnaire before start of and at end of the training programme conducted between 2009-2015 at National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis, Indian Council of Medical Research, Chennai, India The observed differences in mean scores in pre and post-tests between and within the groups on different subjects were tested by t-test.


Results: The average scores obtained by 131 trainees in pre and post-test were 64.18% and 87.97% respectively and the difference was significant (p<0.01). The pre and post-test marks, obtained by the groups with higher and lower qualification and groups with more than 3 and less than 3 years of experience were significantly different with respect to biosafety procedures.


Conclusion: The knowledge of trainees improved significantly by the training programme. The computation and critical review of scores in training programmes can be made mandatory to assess trainees and facilitators for meaningful resource management.


Keywords: Pre-test; Post-test; Questionnaire; Training programme; NRL

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