Successful multi-modality treatment of Grade IV lymphedema in lymphatic filariasis: A case study.

Rajasekaran, S.; Anuradha, S.; Ramalingam, B.; Manokaran, G.


Lymphology; 2018; 51(2): 89-92.


Abstract: We present an integrated therapeutic approach performed on a 37 year old female with giant lymphedema (Grade IV) due to lymphatic filariasis of 27 years duration. Our therapeutic approaches consisted of a basic foot care program for two weeks, followed by a course of oral penicillin for a week including conservative treatment with complete decongestive therapy (CDT) together with respiratory physiotherapy and walking exercises. In addition, advanced surgical techniques with supra-fascial excision of alternate lumps in three stages over an interval of ten days followed by a nodo-venal shunt resulted in reversing the stage IV lymphedema condition. Over a ten year follow-up, the patient remains essentially unchanged confirming the success of the treatment without any recurrence or complications. Finally, by combining multimodal treatment, we were able to achieve a near normal limb in Stage III and Stage IV lymphedema of the lower limb in lymphatic filariasis.


Keywords: lymphedema, treatment, nodovenal shunt, MLD


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