Diminished circulating plasma and elevated lymph node culture supernatant levels of IL-10 family cytokines in tuberculous lymphadenitis.


Gokul Raj, K.; Kumar, N.P.; Kadar, M.; Baskaran, D.; Hissar, S.; Shrinivasa, B.M.; Sridhar, R.; Babu, S .

Cytokine; 2018; 111: 511-517.

Abstract: Background: IL-10 family cytokines are associated with the host immune response to pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB), but their association with host response in tuberculous lymphadenitis (TBL) is not known.


Methods: Hence, we examined the circulating levelsofthewholepanelofIL-10 family cytokines in TBL (n=44) and compared them to the levels in PTB (n=44) and healthy control (HC, n=44) individuals. We also assessed the pre and post-treatment cytokine levels in TBL individuals following the completion of anti-tuberculosis treatment (ATT). Next, we also compared the levels of IL-10 family cytokine in circulation versus lymph node (LN) culture supernatants in a subset of TBL individuals (n=22). Finally, we also measured the levels of IL-10 family cytokines in tuberculosis antigen (puri?ed protein derivative, PPD) stimulated and unstimulated LN culture supernatants.


Results: TBL individuals exhibit signi?cantly decreased levels of IL-10, IL-19, IL-20, IL-24, IL-28B and IL-29 in the circulation when compared to PTB (except IL-10) and HC (except IL-20 and IL-28B) and signi?cantly increased levels of IL-22 when compared to PTB individuals. Following ATT, TBL individuals exhibit signi?cantly elevated levels of IL-10, IL-19, IL-20, IL-24, IL-28B and IL-29 and signi?cantly diminished levels of IL-26. Similarly, TBL individuals also exhibited signi?cantly increased levels of IL-10, IL-19, IL-20, IL-24, IL-28A and IL-29 in LN culture supernatants compared to plasma and signi?cantly decreased levels of IL-22. This was associated with enhanced levels of IL-19, IL-20, IL-24, IL-28B and IL-29 upon PPD stimulation of LN cultures.


Conclusions: Therefore, we demonstrate that TBL is associated with signi?cantly diminished plasma and elevated LN culture supernatant levels of most of the IL-10 family cytokines. This to our knowledge is the first comprehensive examination of IL-10 family cytokines in TBL.


Keywords: Tuberculous lymphadenitis; ELISA; Cytokines; IL-10 family; TB lymph node


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