A simple and rapid liquid chromatography method for determination of levofloxacin in plasma.


Hemanth Kumar, A.K.; Sudha, V.; Ramachandran, G

SAARC Journal of TB, Lung Disease and HIV/AIDS; 2017; XIV; 27-32.  


ABSTRACT: Introduction: Levofloxacin (LFX) is one of the second line anti-tuberculosis drugs used in the treatment of multi drug resistant tuberculosis. Monitoring of LFX concentrations in plasma may be valuable to study its pharmacokinetics and drug-drug interaction when co-administered with other anti-tuberculosis drugs. We developed a high performance liquid chromatic method of determination of LFX in plasma.


Methodology: The method involved deproteinisation of the sample with perchloric acid and analysis of the supernatant using a reversed-phase C 18 column (150mm) and fluorescence detection at an excitation wavelength of 290 nm and an emission wavelength of 460 nm.


Results: The assay was specific for LFX and linear from 0.25 to 10.0g/ml. The relative standard deviation of intra- and inter-day assays was lower than 10%. The average recovery of LFX from plasma was 99%.


Conclusion: A sensitive, specific and validated method for quantitative determination of LFX in plasma was developed .Due to its simplicity; the assay can be used for pharmacokinetic studies of LFX.


Key words : Levofloxacin, Plasma, HPLC, Fluoroquinolnes



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