Differential codon usage pattern of HIV-1 tat gene in those with slower and faster rates of disease progression.

Vidya Vijayan, K.K; Anangi, B.; Banu, B.; Kannan, T.; Hassan, S.A.; Hanna, L.E .

AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses; 2017; 33: 900-901.

Abstract: Codon usage has been identified as one of the most important factors that influence gene expression. The frequencies with which the different codons are used vary significantly between different organisms and also between the genes within the same organism. HIV has a remarkable nucleotide composition with an above average percentage of A'' nucleotides resulting in a codon usage pattern different from that of the human host. In this study, we compared the codon usage pattern of HIV-1 genes among different groups of HIV disease progressors to understand the influence of differential codon usage pattern on the pathogenic manifestation in the host.


Keywords: Codon usage; HIV replication; disease pathogenicity; HIV-1 tat


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