Isoniazid concentrations in hair and plasma area-under-the-curve exposure among children with tuberculosis.


Mave, V .; Kinikar, A .; Kagal, A .; Nimkar, S .; Koli, H .; Khwaja, S .; Bharadwaj, R .; Gerona, R .; Wen, A .; Ramachandran, G .; Kumar, H .; Bacchetti, P .; Dooley, K.E .; Gupte, N .; Gupta, A .; Gandhi, M .


PLoS One: 2017; 12: e0189101.


Abstract: We measured hair and plasma concentrations of isoniazid among sixteen children with tuberculosis who underwent personal or video-assisted directly observed therapy and thus had 100% adherence. This study therefore defined typical isoniazid exposure parameters after two months of treatment among fully-adherent patients in both hair and plasma (plasma area under the concentration-time curve, AUC, estimated using pharmacokinetic data collected 0, 2, 4, and 6 hours after drug administration). We found that INH levels in hair among highly-adherent individuals did not correlate well with plasma AUC or trough concentrations, suggesting that each measure may provide incremental and complementary information regarding drug exposure in the context of TB treatment.


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