Survival modeling of competing risk using R: An undemanding simulation approach.

Ponnuraja, C.; Valarmathi, S; Lakshmanan, B.C.; Venkatesan, P.

International Journal of Computer Science & Technology; 2014; 5; 434-439.    

Abstract : Simulating survival data are necessary for considerate and to evaluate for statistical models. Additionally, inadequate to have real data and also want to know the real status, it leads for simulation. We simulate Competing Risks (CR) survival data with the intention to understand the key concepts. Simulation can be viewed as the practical aspect of probabilistic task of constructing CR process. Simulation done using R and its add-on packages of Scrucca et al. (2007) and analyze them to observe whether the proposed methodology works well. It illustrates with R which allows the user to simulate survival times from parametric models. Standard parametric distributions are used to generate Survival times by Bender et al. (2005), Burton et al. (2006) and Beyersmann et al. (2009). Finally it accomplished with few highlights using simulated data on how to execute competing risk regression analysis with R.


Keywords: Competing risks; Cumulative incidence; Cause-specific hazards; Sub-distribution hazard; Model selection




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