Visualization of breast cancer data by SOM component planes.

Venkatesan, P.; Mullai, M.

International Journal of Science and Technology; 2014; 3; 127-131.


Abstract: The component plane presentation of integrated self-organized maps (SOM) is a powerful artificial intelligence tool for analysis of large, complex, biological databases. This approach allows the display of multi-dimensional SOM outputs disease data bases in multiple sample specific presentation providing distinct advantages in visual inspection of biological significance of features clustered in each unit. This paper attempts to analyse the behavior of the various attributes constituting breast cancer and the correlation between them through their component planes. This additional information obtained will, definitely, complement the results obtained through other techniques.


Keywords: Medical diagnosis, Artificial intelligence (AI), Artificial Neural network (ANN), Self Organizing Map (SOM), Best Matching Unit (BMU), Component Plane (CP)




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