A pilot RCT of an intervention to reduce HIV sexual risk and increase self-acceptance among MSM in Chennai, India.


Safren, S.A.; Thomas, B.E.; Mayer, K.H.; Biello, K.B.; Mani, J.; Vijayalakshmi, R.; Murugesan, P.; Swaminathan, S.; Mimiaga, M.J.

AIDS and Behavior; 2014; 18; 1904-1912.

Abstract: This is a 2-arm pilot randomized controlled trial ( N = 96) of a behavioral intervention (4 group and 4 individual sessions) integrating risk reduction counseling with counseling to foster self-acceptance in MSM in India compared to enhanced standard of care (ESOC). Both conditions involved HIV and STI testing and counseling at baseline and 6-months, and assessments of condomless sex at baseline, 3-, and 6-months. A significant condition by time interaction suggested a difference in the rate of change in number of anal sex acts without condoms in the intervention versus ESOC ( p<0.0001). Post hoc contrasts suggested that the overall difference was due to intervention-response at 3-months. The incidence of bacterial STIs was 17.5 % in the intervention condition and a 28.6% in ESOC. Addressing self-acceptance and related psychosocial concerns in the context sexual risk reduction counseling for MSM in India was feasible and acceptable. Testing the intervention for efficacy is justified.


Keywords : MSM; Risk reduction; India; Self acceptance


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