Functional assignment of the 64 mycobacteriophages into gene families.

Joseph, J.; Hassan, S.; Rajendran, V.; Kumar, V.


Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine; 2012; S383-S385.


Abstract: Objective: To functionally annotate the protein sequences for 64 mycobacteriophage genomes using the ACLAME database and to discuss how structured information on mycobacteriophage encoded proteins helps global in silico analysis.


Methods: Each of the protein sequences of 64 mycobacteriophage genomes were searched against ACLAME database Version 0.4 using BLAST and were further classified based on function. The default setting of ACLAME 0.4 BLAST was used.


Results: Based on ACLAME, assignment of 72 protein functional families was done for the 64 sequenced genomes, and families were compared among and across genomes.


Conclusions: The finding of the present study provides scope for designing novel approaches to decipher this huge chunk of unknown proteins by experimental methods.


Keywords: ACLAME; Mycobacteriophage; BLAST; Genome

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