Interferon gamma and interferon gamma inducible protein-10 in detecting tuberculosis infection.

Basirudeen, S.A.K.; Paulkumaran, P.; Raja, A.

Journal of Infection; 2 012; 64; 573-579.

Summary: Objective: This study aimed to compare the levels of TB-antigen specific Interferon gamma (IFN- g ) and IFN- g inducible protein (IP)-10 in culture of whole blood samples from healthy controls (HC) and healthy household contacts (HHC).


Methodology: A total of 386 study subjects, which included 186 HC and 200 HHC, were recruited. QuantiFERON-TB Gold in-tube (QFT-IT) assay was employed to measure IFN- g levels. IP-10 levels were measured in the supernatants collected from QFT-IT tubes. Tuberculin skin test was also performed.


Results: The levels of TB antigen specific IFN-g and IP-10 were significantly higher in HHC compared to HC. There was no significant difference observed between positivity of QFT-IT and IP-10 in HC and HHC. The positivity of TST was significantly lower in subjects <17 year, when compared to IP-10 (p < 0.005). The reduced cut-off point 0.22 IU/ml significantly increased the positivity of QFT-IT among children with high risk for latent TB infection (LTBI).


Conclusions: Measurement of TB antigen specific IFN- g and IP-10 can be potential markers for the detection of LTBI.


Keywords: Tuberculosis; Diagnosis; QuantiFERON-TB Gold; Interferon gamma; inducible protein-10




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