Accelerated failure time frailty model in survival analysis.


Raman, T.T.;Venkatesan, P.


International Journal of Science and Technology; 2012; 2; 65-69.

Abstract: Breast cancer and its etiologic factors have been widely studied worldwide. Statistics has shown that around the nation people living with breast cancer are in need of identifying risk factors of breast cancer and prognostic factor of breast cancer for their survival, and this research is specific to South Indian population. This study attempts to explore the survival experience of breast cancer patients treated under adjuvant and Neo-adjuvant therapy. The important prognostic variables in response to treatment survival were identified using accelerated failure time model with and without frailty. About 90% received Neo-adjuvant therapy, and 94% had favorable response to treatment. The Accelerated failure time model with frailty performed better than model without frailty.


Keywords: Accelerated failure time model; Frailty model; Gamma; Weibull




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