Status of re-registered patients for tuberculosis treatment under dots programme.

Chandrasekaran, V.; Gopi, P.G.; Santha, T.; Subramani, R.; Narayanan, P.R.

Indian Journal of Tuberculosis; 2007; 54; 12-16.

Summary: Objective : To assess the proportion of patients re-registered after default, failure or successful treatment, completion and evaluate their treatment outcome.

Setting : Tuberculosis patients diagnosed were registered for treatment under DOTS in rural area, South India. Patients reregistered during 1999-2004 identified from the TB register were considered for analysis.

Results : Among 273 Category-I patients ‘defaulted' 23% and among 112 ‘failure' cases 68% were re-registered. After ‘successful treatment completion' of 1796 cases 6.5% were re-registered as relapse. Corresponding figures for Category II were 20% of 281 defaulters; 23% of 60 failures; 12.9% of 302 ‘successful treatment completion' patients. Among patients re-registered as ‘default', subsequent default was also high (57% vs 37%). Failure in Category II treatment was similar among patients who were re-registered for Category II and initially registered in it for treatment. Median delay for reregistration was >200 days for ‘defaulters' and 18 days for ‘failures'.

Conclusion : Our findings emphasise the need for continuing motivation and prompt defaulter retrieval action to reduce default at all stages of treatment. ‘Defaulters' need to be contacted so that they can be started on treatment without delay. Patients declared as ‘successful treatment completion' should be encouraged to report if chest symptoms recur.

Keywords : Re-registration, DOTS, Tuberculosis, Default


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