In silico analysis of mycobacteriophage Che12 genome: Characterization of genes required to lysogenise Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Gomathi, N.S.; Sameer, H.; Kumar, V.; Balaji, S.; Bustackeer, V.N.; Narayanan, P.R.

Comput Biol Chem; 2007; 31; 82-91.

Abstract: Che12 is a temperate Chennai phage infecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis . The nucleotide sequence of the 52,047bp linear double stranded DNA genome has a GC content of 62.9% with 70 putative ORFs identified. Functions are assigned to 24 genes based on the similarity of the predicted products to known proteins. Che12 genome is highly similar to mycobacteriophage L5 and D29 genomes. The overall genome similarity of Che12 to L5 is 82.5% and D29 is 81.5%. The genes attributing to lysogeny such as integrase, excisionase and repressor protein are identified. The attachment site of Che12 genome attP is homologous to attB sites of Mycobacterium smegmatis and M. tuberculosis . Similarities between certain phage gene products are noted, in particular, the terminases, DNA primase and endonucleases. The complete sequence clarifies the overall transcription map of Che12 and the positions of elements involved in the maintenance of lysogeny.

Keywords: Temperate mycobacteriophage; Mycobacterium tuberculosis ; Bioinformatics


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