Designing digital architecture with intelligent building for information acess at the Tuberculosis Research Centre, Chennai.

Rathinasabapati, R.

International Conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries-ICSD (Ed. ARD Prasad & Devika P. Madalli, Documentation Research&Training Centre, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore), 2007; 1-13.

Abstract: This paper focuses on how the digital architecture is being effectively used in the Tuberculosis Research Centre's library for information access system making it more users friendly. More recently multi-media information retrieval systems have become vital with increased international attraction/attention. This will increase the end users and their platforms connected to the internet/intranet. Further this will explore the opportunities for research at the intersection of web and user's information. Moreover this will bring out how simply the computational infrastructural tools are being utilized in remote access to reach publicly available information.


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