Status of smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients after chemotherapy under the District Tuberculosis Programme.

Manjula Datta.

Indian Journal of Tuberculosis; 1991; 38; 63-68.

In North Arcot district, where Short Course Chemotherapy (SCC) had been introduced in 1983, a cross sectional survey was carried out in respect of smear positive patients put on SCC or traditional regimens between Apri 1986 and March 1988. It was found that 19% of the treatment cards from the D.T.C. were in respect of duplicate registrations. The address given was inadequate in 13% of the cards. Only 69% of the smear positive patients had accepted short course chemotherapy and the rest were given traditional regimens. The cross sectional survey covered the period 6 to 36 months after the start of treatment. Overall mortality in patients with tuberculosis was 28% during 36 months. It was 3-5 times as high in those who had taken less than 50% of chemotherapy, irrrespective of age. Thirty one percent of the patients were smear positive at the time of the home visit. However, among those who ahd taken 80% or more of chemotherapy, 20% on SCC and 26% placed on conventional treatment were sputum positive. Nonetheless, even among those who had taken less than 50% of chemotheerapy about 58% were sputum negative.


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