Persisting alveolitis in miliary tuberculosis despite treatment with short-course chemotherapy.

Vijayan, V.K.; Jawahar, M.S.; Reetha, A.M.; Prabhakar, R.

Indian Journal of Chest Diseases and Allied Sciences; 1990; 32; 49-53.

Bronchoalveolar lavages in two patients with miliary tuberculosis have shown lymphocytic alveolitis. A 6-month regimen with an initial intensive 2-month phase resulted in remarkable clinical and radiographic improvement in both. However, bronchoalveolar lavages following treatment has shown that there was a persistence of lymphocytic alveolitis, though with reduced intensity. The significance of the persisting alveolitis, despite treatment, is not known at present. There is also a suggestion that compartmentalisation of lymphocytes may occur in miliary tuberculosis of the lung.


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