Age for measles immunization seroconversion after measles vaccination at 6-8 months of age - A randomized controlled trial.

Deivanayagam, N.; Ramamurthy, N.; Krishnamurthy, P.V.; Shankar, V.J.; Ashok, T.P.; Nedunchelian, K.; Mala, N.; Shaffi Ahemed, S.

Indian Paediatrics; 1990; 27; 1171-1176.

The objective of the study was to compare the effectiveness of measles vaccine by seroconversion in vaccinated children with non-vaccinated children of 6 to 8 months age group in a city slum community so as to study the feasibility of advancing the age of immunization. Live attenuated lyophilized Schwartz strain of measles vaccine was used. Haemoagglutination inhibition (HI) antibody was estimated. Seroconversion was defined as either the conversion of negative to positive or a two-fold rise in titre. One hundred and thirty two children completed the study. There was no difference in the age, sex, and nutritional status between vaccinated and non-vaccinated groups (p>0.7). The seroconversion rate in the vaccinated group was 65% and in the non-vaccinated group was 26%. The age, sex and nutritional status did not significantly affect the seroconversion. Our data suggest that immunization with measles vaccine may be effective as early as 6 months of age. Immunization at 6 months may be needed at least for children in densely populated areas like cities and towns.


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