Long-term status of children treated for tuberculous meningitis in South India.

Padma Ramachandran; Duraipandian, M.; Reetha, A.M.; Mahalakshmi, S.M.; Prabhakar, R.

Tubercle; 1989; 70; 235-239.

This report gives the findings of long-term follow-up (4½-8 years) of 119 children who recovered from tuberculous meningitis. Of these, 17 patients died (10 due to severe tuberculous meningitis sequelae and 7 due to non-tuberculous causes) and 2 could not be traced. Of the remaining 100 patients for whom information was available, 47 (47%) made a complete recovery, while 53 (53%) had neurological sequelae - 2 (2%) had severe, 39 (39%) moderate and 12 (12%) mild sequelae.

          There were no relapses during the 4½ -8 year period, indicating that regular treatment for 12 months may be adequate.


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