Use of mebendazole in combination with DEC in bancroftian filariasis.

Sarma, R.V.S.N.; Vallishayee, R.S.; Nagabhusanam, R.; Prabhakar, R.; Tripathy, S.P.

Indian Journal of Medical Research; 1988; 87; 579-583.

A pilot study was conducted in an endemic village for bancroftian filariasis to find out the compliance and antifilarial action of large dose of mebendazole (30 mg/kg/day). Thirty eight patients with early clinical filariasis and 16 with asymptomatic microfilaraemia were treated, under supervision. The compliance for drug consumption was high and there were no serious adverse reactions. Majority of the side effects were gastrointestinal and mild. The drug, in combination with diethylcarbamazine (DEC) showed microfilaricidal effect, but the effect was similar to that seen with DEC alone. In as many as 5 of the 13, who were followed at 1 yr., microfilaria persisted at the end of 1 yr., though with a reduced density. Prolonged (1 yr.) treatment with mebendazole in combination with DEC did not have a beneficial effect in most patients with clinical disease.


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