Arterial hypoxemia in acute tropical pulmonary eosinophilia.

Vijayan, V.K.; Kuppu Rao, K.V.; Venkatesan, P.; Prabhakar, R.

Lung India; 1988; 6; 183-185.

Arterial oxygen tensions were estimated in 48 acute tropical eosinophilic patients. Twenty (42%) had PaO 2 of less than 80 mmHg, though 18 had only mild hypoxemia (PaO 2 - 70 - 80 mmHg). A smoker had PaO 2 of less than 60 mmHg. The single breath carbon monoxide transfer factor (TLCO) was lowered in 42 (88%) patients. The PaO2 correlation with both FEV1% and TLCO percent predicted was not strong. Obstructive ventilatory and diffusion defects may not be the main mechanisms of hypoxemia in these patients.


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