Cell mediated immune response in South Indian pulmonary tuberculosis patients.

Ramesh Paranjape, S.; Abdul Ravoof; Acharyulu, G.S.; Krishnamurthy, P.V.; Tripathy, S.P.; Prabhakar, R.; Narayanan, P.R.

Indian Journal of Tuberculosis; 1988; 35; 163-170.

Ninety two untreated pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) patients and sixty -two non-tuberculous (non-TB) controls drawn from the same socio-economic strata were studied for their delayed hypersensitivity (DH), cell mediated immunity (CMI) and bacillary-load. There was no correlation between bacillary load and response in parameters of CMI, namely, lymphocyte transformation test (LTT) and leucocyte migration inhibition test (LMI). Migration Index (MI) in LMI did not correlate with DH in TB patients. There was no significant difference in the mean values of MI between TB and non-TB control patients. Response of lymphocytes to mitogen and percentage of T-rosetting cells also did not differ between TB and non-TB control patients. On the contrary, differences were found in the two groups of patients with regard to lymphocyte response to PPD antigen and mean B-cell percentage. While, among non-TB patients, high Mantoux reactors had significantly higher LTT response to PPD compared to low Mantoux reactors; no such difference was observed among TB patients. This means B-cell percentage was significantly higher in TB patients than in non-TB controls. The relevance of these differences in relation to tuberculosis is discussed.


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