Secondary bacterial flora in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis - A preliminary report.

Rathinasabapathy, S.V.; Paramasivan, C.N.; Shanmughasundaram, N.; Jagannathan, J.

Lung India; 1987; 5; 43-46.

Sputum samples from 100 smear positive or skiagram positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients were cultured for superinfecting or co-infecting bacteria. These patients were equally divided into five groups. This included Group-I who are not treated; Group-II who are treated up to three months; Group-III who are treated for more than three but less than six months; Group-IV treated more than six months and lastly group-V who have completed the prescribed treatment schedule of varying durations. Neisseria catarrhalis and Strep. viridans predominated in all patients irrespective of group, other organisms isolated were Micrococci, E.coli, Serratia, Proteus and Pseudomonas . There was no significant difference in the pattern of organisms isolated from different group of patients. The antibiogram showed the usual susceptibility pattern.


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