Kanamycin plus rifampicin plus ethambutol in the retreatment of patients with tubercle bacilli resistant to isoniazid and streptomycin .

Rani Balasubramanian; Alexander, C.; Prabhakar, R.; Paramasivan, C.N.; Rajaram, K.; Somasundaram, P.R.; Thyagarajan, K.

Indian Journal of Tuberculosis; 1987; 34; 12-16.

A total of 70 patients, who had failed on primary chemotherapy and had organisms resistant to streptomycin and isoniazid but sensitive to rifampicin, were prescribed rifampicin plus ethambutol thrice weekly for 12 months, supplemented by kanamycin thrice weekly in the first 3 months. In all, 57 patients were included in the main analyses; a high proportion had extensive cavitated radiographic diseased and moderately or heavily positive sputum smears. Sputum conversion was very rapid, 65% being culture negative by 2 months and 93% by 4 months. A favourable response was obtained in 52 (91%). The incidence of possible adverse reactions was low, 5 (7%) requiring a modification of chemotherapy. None of the 33 patients followed by for a 4-year period had a relapse.


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