A dot enzyme immunoassay for detection of IgM antibodies against phenolic glycolipid-I in sera from leprosy patients.

Kumar, S.; Moudgil, K.D.; Band, A.H.; Narayanan, P.R.; Gupta, S.K.; Sharma, A.K.; Talwar, G.P.

Indian Journal of Leprosy; 1986; 58; 185-190.

A visual dipstick dot enzyme immunoasssay (EIA) for diagnosis of leprosy is described. The assay is based on detection of IgM antibodies against phenolicglycolipid-1 (PGL-I) in sera from leprosy patients. The antigen (PGL-I or synthetic disaccharide of PGL-I) was dotted on a nitrocellulose pad stuck on aplastic strip (dipstick). Sera were used at adilution of 1:200. Peroxidase coupled mous anti-human IgM monoclonal antibodies were used as the conjugate. A positive test gave a blue dot against a white background. The test was highly specific for leprosy, and was quite sensitive for detection of bacilliferous (BL/LL) leprosy. The antigen dotted and preblocked dipsticks stored at room temperature upto 4 months of observation period, were usable in the assay.




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