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Policy Brief:

1. Social & Behavioural Research     Studies on Tuberculosis and     Human Immunodeficiency Virus     (HIV)









 Head of Department:
Dr. N Karikalan
Scientist 'C'

Email: karikalan.n@icmr.gov.in



The Department of Social and Behavioural Research is an integral part of the NIRT. Their roles are diverse from being supportive in all the clinical trials conducted in the centre as well as focussing on crucial social behavioural studies in TB and HIV. They have conducted many cross cutting sociobehavioral studies which have policy implications. These include descriptive, cross sectional, qualitative, feasibility studies and intervention studies using the RCT model to test the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions on various target groups. Findings from their studies are disseminated to stake holders and policy makers and through national and international peer reviewed journals. The team also takes keen interest in IEC activities and have developed audiovisual aids such as films, posters, flip charts, modules which are used in all their community awareness activities and training programmes. Their training has covered NSS programme officers, teachers and students from various colleges and schools. They also play a crucial role in counselling of TB patients and families, psychosocial support individual and group sessions and have been successful in rehabilitating TB and HIV patients and their families.


Research Focus

•  Health care seeking behaviour among different groups (chest symptomatic, migrants)

•  Gender Differentials in understanding psychosocial impact of TB and HIV (Stigma, disclosure, socio cultural determinants)

•  Issues around, risky sexual behaviour patterns among persons living with HIV, sero discordant couples)

•  Experimental studies to test the efficacy of psychosocial interventions among MSM (Men having sex with Men), TB patients with AUD( Alcohol Use Disorders)


Overview of studies

•  HIV Prevention through Mobile Phone Technology among Male Sex Workers (MLSW) in India (Indo-US collaborative study)

•  A community based approach in designing a model TB sensitization programme for Self Help Groups (SHGs) -A study from Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu(ICMR funded)

•  Health seeking behaviour and awareness of tuberculosis among migrants Brick kiln workers( Model DOTS Project/WHO-USAID)

•  An experimental study to enhance treatment adherence in tuberculosis patients who consume alcohol( Model DOTS Project/WHO-USAID)



•  Part of the ICMR constituted Tribal Forum

•  Coordinating a multicentric ICMR Task force study on the Burden of TB among the Tribal population in India

•  Formation of a common Community Advisory Board(CAB) at NIRT as compared to specific CAB for individual studies

Alcohol Use Intervention Manual

Training program on Tuberculosis control Manual for Self Help Group Members

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