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 Head of Department: Dr Ponnuraja, C, Scientist 'D'
Email: cponnuraja@nirt.res.in



The Department of Statistics was created at the formation of the Institute in 1956, to help meet the ever-increasing demand for biostatisticians to take leadership roles in careers as researchers and educators in academia and medical research. The Scientists and staff of the department work as collaborative scientists, providing expertise in the statistical methods that form the evidential basis of modern biomedical research. Whether it's uncovering the genetic origins of disease, determining optimal drug therapies for patients, or studying the strategies to reduce health care costs without compromising the quality of patient care - biostatisticians of the Institute engage in intellectually stimulating projects focused on the improvements of human health.

Apart from active researchers in collaborating and consulting research projects and initiatives at the Institute, the staff members are pursuing of their own research agendas and participating in curriculum development. Expertise in the department includes linear, nonlinear, and longitudinal modeling; clinical trial and experimental design; survival analysis; categorical data analysis; causal inference; HIV and TB disease modeling; computational biology and bioinformatics; machine learning algorithms and data mining; GIS based spatial modeling and Bayesian methodology.

The mission of the department is to advance the discipline by training students in methods research and its application, conducting methodological and collaborative interdisciplinary research in the fields of public health and medicine, and by providing to the academic, research and professional committees.

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