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 HOD-in-charge: Dr Rajendran K, Scientist 'D'
Email: rajendran.k@nirt.res.in



The mission of the electronic Data Processing division is to provide the data entry/verification support for the research in tuberculosis studies conducted in clinic, epidemiology, laboratory, operational research and TB control program activities, and supports for data management, prepares pre-printed forms and reports for field activity of epidemiological surveys, and generates data tabulations, data analysis and helps in publication of research work.

Accessing scientific journals and communications through e-mailing are the key requirements for our research organization. The existing IT equipments are being maintained under comprehensive annual maintenance contract. This includes managing the IT related facilities and ensuring that the IT equipments are maintained and kept up to-date.

The management of functionality of LAN facility is carried out with the support given by NIH-ICER project. The video conferencing facilities are maintained by project staff attached to ICMR-HCL project and NIH-ICER project.

In this department, at present, six staff (Data processing/Data entry), two Network coordinators (ICER project) and one Attendant (services) are working


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