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The Department of Biochemistry & Clinical Pharmacology offers support to the controlled clinical trials by way of clinical biochemistry testing and checking the quality of drugs before administering to patients admitted to the various controlled clinical trials. In the past, extensive work was carried out to determine acetylator phenotyping using blood, urine and saliva. The mechanism of development of toxicity to rifampicin, isoniazid and pyrazinamide has been investigated. It was established that non-invasive method of estimating salivary levels of drugs could replace plasma. Simple and accurate methods to estimate several anti-TB and antiretroviral drugs by HPLC in biological fluids have been developed and validated. Pharmacokinetic studies in adults and children are undertaken that address key issues in TB and HIV. Most of these studies are the first of its kind in Indian patients, and provide useful information.


Research Focus

•  Pharmacokinetics of anti-TB and antiretroviral drugs in adults and children


New Initiatives

•  Pharmacokinetic studies in children

•  Pharmacokinetics of protease inhibitors

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